Open an online school within 14 days
and earn from €7 000 per month
Programing, Robotics, 3D Modeling and Circuit Design
The ROBBO CLUB franchise operates in 21 countries
Featuring Finnish teaching methods and educational equipment we developed
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Do you want to start a business right now?
Even under quarantine conditions
Earn a steady income for years to come
Starting at €8 000 per month in only half a year
Capture the market before competitors
With our innovative market offer
The online school ROBBO CLUB is an ideal solution
Investments from €16,800
Break-even after only 4 months
Protection against price dumping
Earnings from €84,000 per year
Launch within 14 days
The online school ROBBO CLUB is an ideal solution
Investments from €16,800
Break-even after only 4 months
Protection against price dumping
Earnings from €84,000 per year
Launch within 14 days
ROBBO CLUB is your reliable partner
years' experience in the education and IT industries
countries hosting ROBBO classes and clubs
franchises launched worldwide
students in ROBBO educational programs
Why is this opportunity profitable to launch now?
Fixed and variable costs are lower when launching in an online format as there is no investment in on-premise equipment or physical classrooms.
Offline institutions are closed, and parents need other avenues for youth enrichment.
If you buy an online school franchise before May 31, then you will have the opportunity to open an offline club without a franchise fee for one year.
Seize this opportunity to be the first in your region to provide a service in high demand.
Easy recruitment of teaching staff: a recruitment algorithm and sample vacancies are provided as well as support for conducting interviews.
Why will you succeed with ROBBO CLUB?
ROBBO includes everything you need for a successful business launch:
Thorough and effective business model
A simplified launch, rapid break-even, and no dependence on external limitations.
Startup manager
For 2 months, a startup manager from the ROBBO team (current franchisee) will assist you along with the active franchisee partners who will discuss job details with you.
Teacher training
Training provided for 2 teachers, an administrator, and a manager.
A CRM system and an IT platform are provided for conducting online lessons.
Methodological materials
Curricula and additional materials are provided for online and offline lessons that were developed over 5 years of research.
Ready-to-use marketing solutions
ROBBO assumes full responsibility for promotions and client acquisition, including creating a corporate website, advertising on social media (Instagram, Facebook), and our CRM system with payment tools.
Development never stops with an online school
Online learning
Education in:
  • Programming in Scratch (ages 8–14+)
  • 3D modeling (ages 8–14+)
  • Circuit design (ages 10–14+)
  • Minecraft programming (ages 8–14+)
  • Python and Kotlin programming (ages 10–14+)
Earnings from €7 000 per month
Online learning with equipment
Training with the opportunity to provide ROBBO equipment to students when teaching the following subjects:
  • Circuit design 2.0 (ages 8–14+)
  • Assembling and programming an OTTO dancing robot (ages 8–14+)
  • Robotics with the ROBBO platform (ages 8–14+)
  • Smart Home with ROBBO laboratories (ages 8–14+)
  • Beam robots (ages 8–14+)
Earnings from €8 000 per month.

Open an offline club
Start a club featuring face-to-face lessons in your city, after all restrictions for educational events are lifted.
Invite students from your established online client base to offline lessons.
Earnings from €10 000 per month.
ROBBO CLUB is not just a business for making money. As a place for training future engineers, programmers, and 3D experts, here children create robots, mobile apps, computer games, and inventions – that will change the world!

It's also not just a hobby. Under our business model, you will pay off your initial franchise costs in 4 to 6 months, with a monthly turnover of €17,000. We are implementing various training formats, and the learning process continues year-round. So, ROBBO CLUB is an all-season business.

A ROBBO CLUB franchise provides easy access to the growing market of IT education for children and teenagers.While it's not for everyone, those entrepreneurs who enjoy robots, are excited by technology, and want to contribute to science will pursue a passion pursuit while earning money.

Pavel Frolov
What is a ROBBO CLUB?
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59 cities
21 countries
Every year we net twice as much as the previous year
150+ clubs and 300+ state schools
By 2022, we will reach 200+ clubs worldwide
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ROBBO operates in 21 countries worldwide
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