ROBBO Club Game
Created to improve your business management skills.

Play together with ROBBO Team to see
what operations and cases you will meet
in real ROBBO Club!
This game is for:
  • -1-

    understand how to manage
    ROBBO Club

  • -2-
    Experienced entrepreneurs

    check your business skills to be sure
  • -3-

    prepare yourself to manage
    ROBBO Club
The exciting gameplay of ROBBO CLUB’s simulator includes business practice in the following processes:
customer acquisition, marketing
financial management
risk management, HR tasks
PR, event management
scaling to international network

ROBBO CLUB game is conducted
every last Friday of the month
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Each gamer owns VR ROBBO CLUB

and during the game will:

manage all business indicators

cooperate with other entrepreneurs

learn to make the right business operations, evaluate risks

scale your business: develop ROBBO network, starting from 1 Club

achieve the dreams
Number of players
4-7 people
4 hours
EUR 25
ROBBO Club Boardgame Workshop
is based on approbated ROBBO business model and long-term experience
of ROBBO network.

  • 35+ Countries
  • 150+ Clubs
  • 500+ Public schools
  • 15+ years of sustainable business development
A secret tool to fix EdTech business
Maria Hakkarainen, CEO of ROBBO Finland, has been interviewed again by Education Technology Insights magazine. A few months before the magazine recognized ROBBO as one of the ‘Top 10 EdTech Solution Companies in Europe 2022’.
This time interviewed, she talks about the solution of ROBBO, which improves business performance of the whole educational network.
ROBBO Club business game has been highlighted by the Education Technology Insights magazine
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