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Join the franchise of ROBBO robotics classes and make money out of what you love!

  • 70+ clubs и 95+ schools in 8 countries.
  • Investments from 30 000 EUR.
  • ROI from 12 to 18 months.
  • We make our own equipment.
How do we create an innovative educational space?
• ROBBO curriculum developed by the Finnish Methodological Center
• ROBBO equipment manufacturing in Finland and have all needed certification
• The equipment and curriculum are used in 60 Finnish schools and the number of schools at the ROBBO is growing.
• The ROBBO has two awards from Google Rise Awards (2013, 2014)
• Systematic approach to teaching.
• Signature programs.
• Teacher and kids’ assessment.
• License.
• Registered trademark.
• Management expertise.
• Investment from 30 000 EUR.
• Fixed royalty 350 EUR/month starting month 2.
• Cash flow 15 000 EUR/month after 12 months of work.
• Business launch within 28 days.
• ROI after 12-18 months.
Reliable Product
    Advanced technologies
    Verified business model
    Numbers and Facts about us
    ROBBO Club – it’s not just business for the sake of money. It’s education for future engineers, programmers, 3D experts. Here kids create their own robots, mobile apps, computer games, they invent - they’re changing the world right now.

    However, that is not just a hobby. While using our business model you will get a positive ROI within 12-18 months with the cash flow of 15 000 EUR per month. We implement different class formats and education process goes on for the whole year. That’s why ROBBO CLUB - business that doesn’t depend on the time of the year.

    ROBBO CLUB franchise gives an easy way to enter a developing market of IT education for kid and teenagers. That’s not for everyone. Although those who love robots and technologies, want to contribute to science - they will get joy and will make good money from doing what they love.

    Pavel Frolov
    producer of ROBBO CLUB

    What is ROBBO Club
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    ROBBO CLUB generates profit if you take it seriously
    There are several business models with different approaches to minimizing costs and with various formats of getting the ROBBO CLUB started from scratch. They are suitable for the cities with the population of 20 000 people and more. Most importantly – ROBBO CLUB is a real supplementary education, like in school, and that’s why it is way more profitable than any other club.
    Well defined study plan
    In other clubs’ kids are just hanging out, we, however, have a defined study plan as well as study goals. As a result, on average kids go to regular clubs for 2-3 months, but they go to our clubs for 6 months and more.
    Programs for different ages
    Learning process is built with great clarity and covers 5 different directions step by step, moreover, they are also different for various age groups. We have created a program for 1, 2 and 3 years of studying for three age groups: 5-7 years old, 8-10 years old and 11-15 years old kids.
    Educational events
    We host our own ROBBO festival and Scratch competition, furthermore we participate in International events in IT sphere.
    An average number of children that visit ROBBO Clubs - 120 kids per month
    An average price for a set of classes = 150 EUR
    Income from 1 class – 18 000 EUR every month
    18 000
    Positive ROI from ROBBO CLUB
    Profits from one class comes out at 8 500 EUR every month

    Positive ROI from the class implementation occurs after 6 months of work

    You will reach the break-even point during the first month of work!


    Wage fund
    25 cities
    8 countries
    Every year we make our net twice as big as it used to be
    70 clubs and 95 state schools
    By 2020 we will reach the rate of 200+ clubs worldwide
    Launch a business
    We have a standard procedure that includes launching a preparatory project and goes on to opening doors. It is divided to 10 steps, each regulated by our employee or department. 56 employees and 5 departments will work simultaneously on a launching step.
    Partner care Department
    • Director of the franchising department
    • Franchising manager
    Methodological Department
    • Academic adviser
    • Department head
    • Senior methodologist
    • 2 methodologist’s helpers
    • 20 teacher-authors
    • 20 aprobators
    Marketing Department
    • Marketing Specialist
    • Contextual advertising specialist (Direct and Adwords)
    IT Department
    • Head of the IT department
    • Programmer
    • Tester
    Technical Department
    • Technical Director
    • Technical Director’s helper
    • 2 3D-specialists

    Get a full ROBBO CLUB project presentation by mail!

    Get a full presentation
    What each partner gets with the franchise kit
    First of all — understanding what to do and how to do it, in what order from day 1 to the launching day and so on. Every step is explained, described and regulated, you understand exactly what to do, why you do it and what result you will get in the end. In doing so you won’t have to do anything from scratch, you will already have everything necessary: design projects, furniture, equipment, promo materials, study plans, legal documents and many more.
    As a result, if you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to open your own club after 28 days.
    Franchising package
    ROBBO equipment
    Study plans
    Full support
    Our own equipment produced in Finland
    ROBBO Lab
    Motherboard with transmitters and coding sensors packed in a firm transparent cartridge. Students can see the content and they will be able to investigate the microelectronic scheme without losing all the parts. It is meant to program computer communication with external devices. It can also be used as a joystick.
    ROBBO Robot kit
    A wheel-based system that allows to secure extra modules and sensors on it. Robot kit is controlled by the smartphone, computer or ROBBO Lab. This is a free hardware, projects’s site has all the necessary schemes, broaches, list of parts, instructions, so that anyone could build a robot and learn to control it within an hour.
    3D-printer ROBBO Mini
    A compact tool for teaching 3D-prototyping and 3D printing with an instruction and a software. Will bring any idea to life. Kid will draw a model and 3D-printer will turn it to a real 3D object made of plastic. Instead of drawing you can choose a sample, most importantly - printing size has to be 170х100х100 mm.
    ROBBO Arduino kit
    ROBBO Arduino kit is necessary for teaching the basics of electronics. The kit consists of 79 electronic components that easily connect to Arduino’s microcontroller. Together with the «Designing robots on Arduino» guide kids will learn the basics of electronics and work principles of microcontrollers, create electronic devices and will be able to control them using PC, smartphone or Lab.
    Our course content
    • Algorithmics and coding in Scratch: 25 lessons, drawing a cartoon with several characters, sounds and background noises, studying letters and syllables, making up words.
    • 3D modeling with the help of 3D pen —three-dimensional drawing of characters and figures, decoration of models and toys, creation of souvenirs.
    • Algorithmics and creative coding in Scratch and AppInventor: coding a game and a mobile app.
    • Introduction to Smart house and mobile robotechnics - creating a virtual smart house and teaching our robot how to manage it, preparing for competitions, passing race tracks and labyrinths of different complexity levels with our robots.
    • 3D prototyping — modeling and developing three dimensional models of varying complexity in Tinkercad and Freecad.
    We are constantly working on new programs and would love to share them with you:

    • Scripts of workshops
    • School Holiday intensive programs
    • Study plans for summer and spring ROBBO camps
      Full guidance
      Expert opinion
      Introductory interview-consultation for every partner and then guidance and support throughout work process.
      Help with purchases
      Help with selection and equipping the premises, with buying and delivering equipment.
      Scheduled launching plan
      Formation of the calendar plan for launching and opening the club.
      Methodological webinars
      Quarterly methodological webinars, constant renewal of the master classes and promo materials.
      PR support
      Federal PR support and informing of the events and company news.
      Teacher selection
      Posting job openings for teacher selection, conducting tests and preliminary interviews.
      Technical and Juridical support
      Technical and methodological support. Juridical guidance.
      Contextual advertising
      Assistance with the launching of contextual advertising in Google.
      Brand support
      Creation of the corporate connections, of the site with brand subdomain, provision of the polygraphy layouts.
      Instructions on how to launch a robotics club, launching plan.

      Business-book that will include the main standards of doing business.

      Marketing-book with the description of the product and its advantages.

      Pricing guidelines that include your region’s particularities.
      Here are some franch-book materials that you will get
      Laws of club advancement in educational market.

      System of organization and club management.

      Study road map of the club and study plan.

      Recommendations on selection and logistics of the equipment and approved study literature.
      Staff demands and legal framework for the work with students and teachers.

      Scripts of master classes and citywide events.

      Recommendations on getting a license for educational activities.

      Webinars on launching, advertising, marketing and attracting clients.

      Come and see for yourself!

      НYou don’t believe what other people say? Come and see with your own eyes! We will give you a tour and tell you everything in details.
      Sign up for a tour in ROBBO
      At the core of franchise’s success is a complex approach
      We started from a club in Helsinki. In six months, we managed to get a stable income out of it and opened new venues. Step by step a whole network was created - nowaday it multiplies every year by twice its size. We were able to do it because we have created our own system and included all processes in it: analysed, digitized, defined standards and made them obligatory for every employee.
      We help to find a premise in a favourable location and prepare it for the start of work
      • Negotiate a location from 20
      • Buy computer equipment
      • Deliver ROBBO sets from Finland
      • Select a full package of study books, self-learning manuals and implementation guidance’s
      Training courses for your teachers
      We conduct a step by step system of teacher selection. It includes testing and an interview with the methodology department, training courses and constant support.

      • After the training (if completed successfully) each teacher gets a certificate.
      • Training is conducted by our methodologists and teachers with many years of experience in pedagogy (Finnish educational systems)
      • Training lasts for 72 hours, it’s conducted in Helsinki ROBBO training center.
      Brandbook and signature style

      Marketing book and mock ups for advertising products

      Marketing research and instructions

      Federal publicity
      We help with promotion

      International Website

      Negotiating location

      Selection of contractors
      With the franchise we give you a huge base of marketing materials for every device in any format, we help you with promotion and provide you with all the signature features that already helped us and our partners to obtain profit.

      Become a partner
      Join the franchise of international innovative IT-schools and make money out of what you love!
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